About Me

Hitesh Trivedi

Hitesh Trivedi

Started Quicksoft Services in April, 1988, with initial Digitizing job for Weston & Sampson Enginners, USA, but worked also as consultants for various other companies till April, 1993. Since, 1993 working for building brand of Quicksoft and focused approach on product development.

1996 – Processing of Parcel Maps of Fire Insurance for Sanborn Map Co., NY by digitizing the Scanned Images to draw polygons on the base layer of MapInfo (mapping) Software.

1998-2000 Software Consultant for Atcom Technologies Ltd., Responsible for Product Development and managing the team of 200 software professionals.

2001-2008 – Development of Web Applications and products mentioned below

Web Application – Software as A Services (Saas)
– Asset Management
– Customer Support and HelpDesk Management
– Equity Portfolio Management
– Sales Force Management

Spent 25 years in IT, initially developed software on DOS Platform then worked on CAD/GIS, Digitizing and last 10 years extensively working on development of POS Application for different Retail Verticals and Solutions for Supply Chain, Chain Store Management and Enterprise web solutions as Saas. I Specialize in Retail Domain and catering to Retail Industry , learned lot on sales, space management, distribution / logistics, retail marketing, management training, localization and CRM.

Currently working on Web 2.0 and social networking space that is the inter-web. Key focuses are usability and web marketing. As a software solution provider our job is to design and extend the capabilities of existing products or services, create innovative solutions using emerging Internet technologies.

I live in the India but clients are present globally. I am looking forward to some exciting and challenging opportunities in Retail, SCM, Saas, Web 2.0, BPO, Outsourcing space to extend my reach globally.

Looking for penetration of my products globally and seeking outsourcing  opportunities in Managed Services.

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